Our state of the art equipment is designed to fit into small spaces and serve all of your canning needs

Dual Canning Lines

Twin Monkeys Yampa Canning Line

(ideal for smaller runs of 50-150 cases)

  • Capable of canning approximately 30-35 cases per hour
  • Three head filler
  • CO₂ Purge
  • Can rinsing system

Twin Monkeys Custom Rio Canning Line

(ideal for larger runs of 150+ cases)

  • Capable of canning approximately 75-80 cases per hour
  • Five head filler
  • Automatic lid dispenser
  • CO₂ Purge
  • Front-end shaker table + twist rinse
  • Back-end rinse dry system


  • AP 360i Table Top Labeler
  • Table-top Elf 50 Labeler
  • Pakleader PL-501 In Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler (Rewind #3)

Additional Equipment / Capabilities

  • CMC-Kuhnke Seam Tester
  • Hach Orbisphere Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • Markem Imaje Date Coder
  • Ohaus Scale

We perform routine maintenance and cleaning, per manufacturer instructions, before and after every canning run to ensure our equipment remains clean & dialed in.


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