Tripod Canning is a full service mobile canning company located in Kenilworth NJ providing solutions to the Tri State area. We specialize in canning for smaller and large craft breweries, cider, and beverage companies using our dual mobile canning lines. We offer a broad range of services including can filling, materials procurement, cans, labels, date coding, seam checking, dissolved oxygen testing, and logistics management.

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We do not have minimums. We have a Twin Monkeys Gunnison canning line for smaller 50-200 case runs and a larger Twin Monkeys Rio canning line for 150 - 700+ case runs.

Our canning lines are transported on our 20 foot box truck with liftgate. We offer a broad range of services including can filling, materials procurement of cans/labels, logistics management, date coding, dissolved oxygen testing, and seam checking capabilities.

Our lines can be easily rolled out of our truck and into your brewery and then hooked directly into your brewery’s finishing tanks.

We have been canning for many breweries and cider companies around the Tri State since 2016. Canning is a very technical and difficult process. We make it our business to provide you with the highest quality canning at a competitive price.


We go the extra mile to get the job done right!

Exclusive Graphic Design

Shrink Sleeve Cans & Customized Packaging Solutions

Dual Twin Monkey’s Canning Lines

Saving Cash & Storage

Working with a full-service mobile packaging provider means that you no longer have to worry.

We focus on quality and make a point to get the job done right!

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Flexible Schedule

We are on demand for you! When your beer is ready we will be there. We make a point to maintain a flexible schedule so your beverage does not have to wait.

Flexible Packaging Options

We can coordinate all types of packing options. Shrink sleeve cans, blank cans with pressure sensitive labels, various label sizes and designs. You dream it and we can help make it!

Flexible Run Sizes

While we don’t have minimums it generally makes sense to can at least 50+ cases (about 5BBL). For smaller runs of 50 – 150 cases. We generally use our Twin Monnkey’s Gunnison. For larger 150+ case runs, we utilize our Twin Monkey’s custom Rio canning line.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We have spent years perfecting our craft. We focus on our methods and procedures to ensure the highest quality. We utilize date coding, seam checking and dissolved oxygen testing to deliver the best product.

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