Our state of the art equipment is designed to fit into small spaces and serve all of your canning needs

Dual Canning Lines

​Twin Monkeys Gunnison Canning Line

(ideal for smaller runs of 50-150cases)

  • Capable of canning approximately 50-50 cases per hour
  • Three head filler
  • Automatic lid dispenser
  • CO2 Purge
  • Front-end rinse system
  • Back-end rinse/dry system

Twin Monkeys Custom Rio Canning Line

(ideal for larger runs of 150+ cases)

  • Capable of canning approximately 75-80 cases per hour
  • Five head filler
  • Automatic lid dispenser
  • CO₂ Purge
  • Front-end shaker table + twist rinse
  • Back-end rinse dry system


  • AP 360i Table Top Labeler
  • Table-top Elf 50 Labeler
  • Pakleader PL-501 In Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler (Rewind #3)

Additional Equipment / Capabilities

  • CMC-Kuhnke Seam Tester
  • Hach Orbisphere Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • Markem Imaje Date Coder
  • Ohaus Scale

We perform routine maintenance and cleaning, per manufacturer instructions, before and after every canning run to ensure our equipment remains clean & dialed in.


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